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They say that Blogs are great for SEO! They say that Google and other search engines love fresh and regular, new content.

We say blogs are great for brain dumps – the ability to put down in words the discussions, topics, themes and issues that can arise with clients. Maybe it’s ‘What the blockages may be’, ‘How to overcome the challenges’ or ‘Ideas and suggestions to move forward’. Sometimes it’s the generalised principles that assist with all areas of business ownership and development.

You see, the specific details of the client and the situations are removed (how do they say in the movies, the names are changed to protect the innocent!) but the learning, the nuggets, the principles that resonate with so many other people, are taken and shared with you via our blogs, podcasts and SA TV, because as the awesome Jim Rohn famously immortalised, “success leaves clues”.
Are you looking to dip in and out of regular FREE education you can enjoy with a brew?

Then the SA Blog is for you! A selection of principles, education, snippets of wisdom about training for sales, business coaching and real-life business advice.

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Open heart surgery and sales!

In general, we tend to hold certain people or certain professions in high regard. In the majority of cases that is justified, however, in many …

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3 brain theory

Do you want to know why you just shouted at that guy in the car in front of you within a split second without logic …

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7 steps to conquer fear

In her book, “Conquer Fear!”, Lisa Jimenez, a professional speaker, lists “The Seven Truths” that can help anyone harness and overcome their fears. I’ve paraphrased them …

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Do or do not, there is no try!

“Do or do not…there is no try” – Yoda, Star Wars Episode IV Most will know the title of this, so how does it relate …

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A powerful success secret

During a meeting of top salespeople from around the country, the “grand old man” himself, a man who’d consistently had the highest sales figures for …

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Go on…seduce me!

Effective communication skills are highly valuable. They enrich our personal and social lives. In business it’s a matter of life and death. This blog will …

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