Business Coaching

Sales Academy – The greatest little Business Coaching company the planet has ever seen.

Business Coaching

Sales Academy – The greatest little Business Coaching company the planet has ever seen.

Are you struggling to get results in your business?

Are you finding you have less time now than you did before?

Do you sometimes feel ‘there has to be a better way, but don’t know where to start?’

Then we’ve got you! And we mean that. No jokes, no gimmicks, no secret sauces to zillionaire success. We mean it when we say it, ‘We are in your corner’.

What if we could share with you that being in business doesn’t have to mean feeling alone?

Being a business owner is not easy, but you will get better and stronger as you learn and grow. At Sales Academy we believe fundamentally ‘Success leaves clues, as does failure’. We ALL have the choice and the power to learn faster and more effectively from both.

You know your industry; you know your product or service and deep down you know why you are putting all your effort into your business. You may not feel as confident when it comes to Finance, Marketing, Sales or building a team, and let’s be honest, who goes into business to spend all their time on social media, or buried in cashflow forecasts or writing pointless business plans to send to the bank for a loan you get refused, and that ends up gathering dust in a draw?!

Why not join a team that understand how to syphon your brilliance out of your head and help you translate that into a living breathing business plan, with goals aligned to both your customer needs and your personal goals and accountability programmes to ensure you achieve them?

Sales Academy – Powering Your Business Growth.

What is Business Coaching?

A process of training and accountability in building a successful business, regardless of industry sector, over an indefinite period of time.

Utilising goal setting, action plans and business templates, together with strategic conversations, helping you form the vision, purpose and outcomes for your business journey.

Underpinning all of this are the questions, accountability, sounding board and generalist business acumen to coach you in all areas of business and life, collaborating with specialists in their field, to provide rounded, real and evolving support as you grow.

Business Coaches are effectively individuals who have created, developed or successfully built businesses and use those skills and experience as part of the toolkit to support, guide and challenge others business owners to set effective goals, financial plans, marketing plans, and business exit strategies.

Sales Academy Coaches are trained in the art of coaching and the ‘Business Chassis’ that we support business owners with.

Why would you need Business Coaching?

“It doesn’t matter how good you believe you are; you simply cannot get where you want to on your own”

Do you have a great idea for a business but you’re not sure where to start?
Are you in the start-up phase of your business and are looking for real support from a team of people who understand what it’s like?
Have you been in business for a while now and need that push, that accountability to move forward?
Have you reached a plateau and need a strong sounding board to find your mojo again?

People look for business coaching for many reasons, and after years of coaching thousands of businesses, we can confidently say it will almost always boil down these three.

Accountability to do the things you ‘need’ to do as well as ‘like’ to do. Questions, challenges to your thinking and a plan to implement on your goals; Clarity on where you are and where you want to get to, what’s getting in the way, and how you can achieve what you deserve; Weekly, monthly & quarterly accountability is the way! The Sales Academy way.

Support that stems from a place of understanding not judgement; A safe space to air your concerns, your fears, your dreams and your goals; A listening ear and caring heart that shows you, there are no such things as stupid questions or silly ideas, just an individual with a dream who hasn’t formulated their why, their what and their how yet! Sales Academy have a community of business owners at all different stages of their business in all industry sectors – some ahead of you, some behind you, some exactly where you are right now.

Results are the very bedrock of why any business is born. Yes, the idea you have may change the world. Yes, the service may be revolutionary, or maybe you simply do what others have done before you, but you do it better – you do it your way! Strip all that aside, and your business still has to grow and produce revenue, manage its costs and generate a profit so that you can sustainably build and grow a lifestyle and legacy for what you want in your life.

Why do you feel you need business coaching?

Why do you feel you need business coaching? This may seem like an odd question, as you are here exploring it! However, it would be remiss of us to not ask you to properly consider why you feel you need a business coach.

The thing is, being coached isn’t always easy. It should challenge you, your thinking, your beliefs and your identities (and we all have many). It should also support you to get past the point that you would normally stop. The question therefore is, what is it inside of you that believes without the support of coach, a mentor, a sounding board, an outside perspective? What is it that, without that, makes you feel you just cannot do it on your own?

Some people come to coaching as they have reached a plateau, feel a struggle that they can’t get past, or simply need the accountability and motivation to keep moving forward and achieving as they have been. Others approach coaching like it’s the holy grail and the knight that’s coming over the hill to save them. NEWSFLASH! No one is coming over the hill to save any of us!

So, if you are looking for tips, tricks, gimmicks and miracles, then click away and, I don’t know, pray? 

BUT if you are looking to learn, to grow, to embrace change, to succeed and drive yourself forward to what you properly deserve; accepting that there may be tears, tantrums and a lot of learning along the way (ladened with laughter and loads of fun), then click the box below that best describes your situation right now and we can begin the journey with you, side by side, shoulder to shoulder, no bullshit. This is just real business support & years of business experience, condensed into bite-sized chunks, to help you get there smoother and faster.

This is a really simple, yet oh so important question.

Are you ready to ditch the ‘I KNOW’ mentality?
Are you ready to get beyond the point that’s held you back in the past?
Are you prepared to get humble, real, honest and face your challenges?
Are you ready to work harder before you learn to work smarter?
Are you prepared to ‘show up’ in all aspects of your life and business, not just ‘turn up’?

Then hit the button that best describes you below so we can get this party started! 
Buckle up! It is going to be one heck of a ride! That I can guarantee!

At Sales Academy, we believe firmly that your business success begins with you putting YOU as your most important client.

To get started on mastering your business today, choose the programme that suits you best:

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