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Do you find you have time while you are driving and are tired of making phone calls?
Do you binge watch boxsets and have completed Netflix?
Do you listen to music while you do other things like working, cooking, chilling?
How about doubling up and making some of that time even more productive?

With the evolution of smartphones in the late noughties we shifted as to how we source our information. Our choices grew and we began to ‘snack’ on information bites.

Whether that be written, audio or video, we wanted the ability to access great content, when we wanted to, about the stuff we liked and we wanted it instantly, whenever we wanted it! Fast forward to today, there’s now a plethora of platforms to digest epic content in whatever way we choose.

At Sales Academy, we share relevant, up to date topics of discussion or, as we like to call them, ‘musings’ and we would encourage you to follow, listen and enjoy them for free, covering business, marketing, sales & mindset.

Dictionary Definition: Musing

Noun: a calm, lengthy, intense consideration
Adjective: deeply or seriously thoughtful
Consideration: the process of giving careful thought to something