Thank you for exploring a Sales Academy Event with us.

Throughout the year, we run, host and facilitate a plethora of events covering topics from Sales & Marketing through to Finance, Team Dynamics and Business Ownership.

Every workshop laced with years of experience, sharing principles and practical elements that work if you are prepared to work them into your business. As you may have seen on our Online Workshops page, we run a lot of FREE educational mini workshops and webinars to give knowledge away abundantly to you, at the same time as us getting to know each other a little better.

You know, do you like the content, do you like us, do you think you can work with us and vice versa, do we think we can work with you? Our ongoing programmes are about results, that takes time and effort, and it is a very straight talking, two-way street. We love our customers, and we love the results that our SA Family achieve so we are selective with who we work with and encourage you to be the same.

We have fun, we challenge, and we support YOU to achieve what it is that you to, even when that is simply helping you figure out what that actually is for you?

Our training events give both of us that opportunity and we ensure we keep them up to date, relevant and rammed full of business golden nuggets. Our FREE workshops fill up fast and our paid workshops are affordable, both are guaranteed to add value. (years of success in doing this and thousands of business owners have said so!)

Take a look at our events coming up, you can find them and register via Eventbrite or Facebook, which ever you prefer.

This is the way. The Sales Academy Way. We get results, Fact!