Why SA

Why SA

“You do so much more than just Sales Training, so why ‘Sales Academy’?”

That was, and still remains, the question that we get asked the most!

“Change the name then!” I hear you scream…


‘Sales’ is absolutely fundamental to the success of any business. In our experience, however, it also turns out to be the ‘thing’ people want to avoid the most!

Every day we hear words falling from the mouths of business owners “I’m not a very good salesperson” or “I hate sales”.

When I ask those people questions like “So how long have you been in business?” and they come back with “Four years”…”Eight years”, or when people count up for the first time and reply “Over ten years now, I didn’t realise!” with an obvious sense of surprise, I then replay their earlier words, “But you’re not very good at sales, no?”

Here’s the reality…none of us get into business to become great at sales, or great at social media or great at doing our accounts!

We do it because we have a passion that we want or have to follow; because we are faced with an opportunity and take it; maybe even feel forced into it by things that happen at work, in life, or we just simply cannot work for that idiot of a boss anymore!

We start our own business, and we have freedom. However, 6 months in, 6 years in, no matter the time, at some point we realise we are working for a total lunatic…ourselves!

The realities of business kicks in. Structure, organisation, discipline, focus, targets, activity, time management, diary management, territory planning, market research, marketing and more (yes, we know…all the really sexy stuff right!).
But…and here is the big BUT… They are important elements, important ingredients in your overall ability to have the success you seek.


Why would you choose to work with Sales Academy?

Our focus is to take the complicated and make it simple.

We produce and present training on all elements of the business chassis of ‘Finance, Marketing, Sales, Systems, People & YOU the Business Owner!

Training on the theory and the practical is great, and we provide the training abundantly and in the main FREE, as workshops, seminars and even charity fundraising educational events, (we raised £10,000 in 2019 doing this for charity!) because our business model is based on a single fundamental truth:

“You can theorise about this stuff all day, but if you don’t take action, then you will achieve very little”

Our business model is based on ‘Accountability & Results’. We hold you and your team members accountable through our ongoing programmes to transfer the knowledge into applied wisdom in your business, in turn, you achieve the results you want. We review regularly the goals of the business, the targets of the functions of the business and make sure that you stay in the game physically, mentally and & emotionally.

You can have a great idea, that’s the beginning of the business, right? And sometimes the evolution of the business as products and services are added in, or as we have all had to do since early 2020… ADAPT massively!

Having the great idea is the beginning, however if you can’t market it and you can’t sell it, then you can’t fund it! The difference is growing your commercial ability in all the aspects of the chassis above. Now, here’s the best bit, you don’t need to become an expert in any of the elements, we do encourage you to be enthusiastic above all areas of business and people.

I hear coaches, experts and guru’s talk about magic formulas and secret sauces and quite frankly they are all bullshit! The only person who benefits from that is the person spinning the yarn that you signed up to in a fit of ‘get rich quick’ euphoria!

If you want a formula that is real, yet comes with late nights, loss of friends, tears, tantrums and everything in between then here it is, dripping with blood sweat and tears!

“Commerciality + Plan x Actions x Accountability – Results”

We have discussed the commerciality above, let’s move onto the plan. You, if you are like many others will have ideas in your head, maybe written down, maybe even mapped out with a management consultant or government backed ex-bank manager and it’s been sat in your drawer ever since!

Not that kind of plan! We are talking about a living, breathing, workable, embryonic and scalable plan the evolves with you. Aligning your ‘personal goals’ (life ambitions) together with your ‘business goals’ (targets and KPI’s) together, creating a superpower within you and your focus for what it is you are setting out to achieve.

People always talk about SMART goals…newsflash, they don’t exist! There is no such thing as SMART goals…Goals should terrify you! Goals should be something that requires you to become something more, not just do more stuff! We believe in this so much our Founder and lead Maverick created a podcast to this effect (have a listen here)

A SMART plan however, now that exists, or rather it should do!

Do you have a SMART plan on how you are going to achieve your goals?
Do you have specific focus broken down from 10 years, 5 years, 1 year, 90 days, monthly and weekly that gives you clarity on activity and outcomes?
Do you have someone ‘in your corner’ holding you accountable to YOUR plan, to YOUR goals, to YOUR activity?
Do you have someone in your corner, championing you, singing your praises and sharing your successes with you?

Are you part of a safe, supportive business community that pull together to help you achieve, celebrate when you do and at the same time continue to challenge you to think and act differently?

Are you ready to commit to yourself and the business you want to build? Are you ready to invest the time and money into getting you where you want to be?

This is the way. The Sales Academy Way. We get results, fact!