Training For Sales

Sales Academy – The greatest little sales training company the planet has ever seen.

Training For Sales

Sales Academy – The greatest little sales training company the planet has ever seen.

If you are in Sales, read on!

If you are considering getting into Sales, then this is for you!

If you manage a Sales Team, we feel your pain!

The great thing about Sales is, fundamentally, everything that we require to live our lives, to have the things we want, at some point, is the result of a good sales conversation.

Aligning your business goals and your sales goals with your customers goals as the key focus is vital for continued success. That’s what we do at Sales Academy.

Impactful, purposeful sales training and coaching is an investment, not a cost. If you truly believe that putting an individual or a team through a classroom training day is enough, then please click away, as you’re not for us, and we’re definitely not for you! 🙂


Fundamentally we exist because you want results!

Sales is so much more than a numbers game. Sales and the evolution of your sales skills as a self-employed business owner, a member of Sales Team, a Sales Manager or even Sales Directorship & Board responsibility for Sales…it is vital.

Our role as a ‘Professional Sales-Person’ is to ‘Professionally help someone buy what they want or need, now!’

You know that you have very little to no time for someone who tries to sell you something that you don’t want or need. Even the opening to the conversation gives it away. You recoil, you feel the ‘sell’ coming. So why is this still the biggest approach we see?

Because people don’t know there is another way. They will have received poor training, if any, many years ago. They have high targets to achieve commission and bonus, so push through the conversations and relationships to achieve their number because at some point they have been told that sales ‘is a numbers game’, but no one has ever gone deep enough with them to truly understand what that means.


How do you do it at Sales Academy?

Simple. We invest in your sales experience with you, your team, your business and your customer.

Understanding the alignment between your customers’ needs; Understanding how your product or service solves those needs or fulfils their desires; Aligning your customer needs with your business goals and ultimately your sales approach.

Getting total clarity on what your sales channels are. How do they differ, how are they similar? What is your sales process? How do you help people buy? What systems and processes do you have in place? What abilities & strengths currently exist within the team? Where are the gaps?

We dig deep with the business owner, the senior management team, even the board, to understand the sales and marketing strategy that exists or doesn’t. What are the business goals for the next 12 months, 3 years, 5 years? Where and what are the market opportunities that you foresee?

Our 3-Month process kicks that off

Month 1

Observe and compile data for the plan. Information is key at this stage to really understand what is ‘actually’ happening, not what we ‘believe’ is happening or we would ‘like’ to happen.

Month 2

Agree an Aligned Plan of ongoing training & support for your sales function and begin the training & coaching programme. Identifying what is required in terms of training. Frequency of that training. And the frequency and format of the ongoing coaching support.

Month 3 Onwards

We raise the focus of the training and continue to review the progress, outputs every 3 months strategically. Ensuring the direction of travel is showing measurable progress and results from week to week, month to month, quarter to quarter.

We DON’T do contracts!

In over a decade we have never needed them and here’s why:

Asking you to sign up indefinitely, or for a defined period, and asking you commit upfront together with signing into a cast iron money back guarantee that in reality you have zero possibility of ever having done everything required of you to qualify for the money back guarantee in the first place is just WRONG!

If you are not getting value, then why would you continue to pay? If we can see that you’re not doing what you NEED to do as well as WANT to do to get results, why would we keep you in the programme?

Training & Coaching is a two-way street. The coachee will learn and develop in every session, moving forwards, sideways with the odd step backward, but hey, learning to dance is no different. We’re moving and that creates progress. The coach also learns and grows with each client. Repetition and practice convert progress into results. We don’t approach this with an ‘ex-spurt’ mindset, or a ‘tell’ consultancy approach. We absolutely bring out the very BEST in you, the very BEST of the people in your organisation and the very BEST results for you and your customer.

We operate a grown-up, straight-talking, learn, practice, do and review approach. Your ongoing success is our business model, because training only gets us both so far. Action and accountability deliver results.

Specific Focus Areas in Sales Training with Sales Academy.

Essential Selling Skills:
New to sales or want to go back to basics, we cover selling essentials from ‘Selling principles’, ‘Your Identity to sales’, ‘How to start in sales?’, ‘The difference between Sales & Marketing’ to ‘Building a sales pipeline’, ‘Tracking my sales activity’.

Rapport Building & Relationship Mastery:
Establishing a simple yet effective process that combines being ‘you’ plus following logical steps that enable someone to reach the point of ‘know, like and trust’ with you.

Develop a Winning Sales Process:
Creating consistency in your sales process by mapping out the steps required to support your customer through your customer journey from suspect to prospect through to customer and advocate.

Lifetime Value of a Customer:
Looking at the full lifecycle of your customer to understand the real value of a customer during their lifetime and how much return on your investment you are experiencing which also enables us to undergo cost analysis on customer acquisition cost (marketing spend and resource) with you.

Remote Sales Management:
(also known as Virtual Sales Management or Field Sales Management) Motivating, inspiring and leading a team of remote workers can be a challenge, we understand that. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Utilising technology, systems, process and leadership skills can bring out the very best of you team no matter where they are. Equip your sales leaders with the best tools to win more and more often.

Psychology of Sales:
Understanding behaviours and communication modalities, together with stress points and learning styles enabling your sales team to adapt to customers buying profile and helping your customers buy what they need and want better.

Sales Mastery:
A realm of personal development, reading, testing and measuring to continuously and professionally grow as a salesperson. Role play, recorded sessions, playback, feedback and review.

Account Management:
Confidently building long term relationships and repeat business customers require a different skillset to new business generation. We build on a range of the elements above to sharpen the ‘growth within’ account management that enable your organisation to ‘partner’ with your customers ongoing.

Sales Reporting & Forecasting:
Performance is situational, and the situation is always changing. So, we plan, we measure, we review, we adapt. This gives a ‘bedrock skill’ to salespeople who operate in the professional world. It also provides a massive building block to those wishing to move into sales management and more senior sales roles within an organisation. Self-sufficiency is vital within individuals and the team as a whole for long term business success.

Turn Your Customers into Raving Fans:
The best definition of your brand that we’ve heard to date is ‘a promise delivered!’. When your sales and service deliver on what you claim in your marketing, you are delivering on that promise. When you WOW your customers throughout the customer journey…we show you how to turn your customers to advocates and your advocates to raving fans, creating a huge extension to your marketing and sales functions.

To get started on mastering your sales today, choose the programme that suits you best:

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