Thank you & Welcome to the family!

(we're not a cult, promise! We are, however, a community of supportive business owners)

So what happens now?

We will contact you and arrange:

15 minute weekly accountability call with a SA coach (this will be agreed with you at a day and time that will then be fixed every week at the same time same day. (so if its Tuesday at 1030 for example, that would then become your slot to be ready for each week

Face to Face coaching varies depending on the programme you are with us, for example: 

£99 – 2 hours Face to Face training & coaching (via Zoom or Teams)

£250 – 3 hours Face to Face training & coaching (via Zoom or Teams)

£400 – 4 hours Face to Face training & coaching (in person)

£800 – 1 Day Face to Face training & coaching (in person together with your team)

£1,495 1 Day Face to Face training & coaching (including strategy, team & Exec Board Development) 

For ease, in the main, we will agree a timeslot that will become yours ongoing for the time you are with us. If it is Friday at 12pm on the second Friday of the month then that would become your session time and date each month as an example)

WhatsApp group that will give you instant access to myself, you and your Accountability Coach (who does your weekly 15-minute espresso shots of accountability) this is where you can share stuff or ask questions between sessions, share progress and information, images, ideas etc and get instant feedback.

Facebook Members page – the secret group is just fab. Everything from rants to randomness, business questions to personal advice. 24-hour access to other business owners to have banter with, ask advice from, share ideas and get support. Together with you supporting and contributing to other people’s questions and ideas. The more you involve yourselves the better your experience will be as others get to know you more and connect more.

Strategic Planning – every 90 days (March, June, September and December) we run a 90-day planning day where all our customers are invited. You will be able to attend this day and we would encourage you to take the day out, and plan together with other business owners.

Talk soon and looking forward to getting stuck in! 😊

The Sales Academy Team!