Shit Happens

Life is like a tightrope

Ever felt like this? Ever felt like you are one misplaced step from falling away?

So how are you keeping balance?

Can you do something proactive to keep your balance?

The answer is of course…Yes.

I remember the first time I saw the bumper sticker that read “Shit Happens” and do you know what, I laughed, but I didn’t get it! Not properly get it.

It took me time to realise that yes, shit does actually happen (lesson 1) and that I can’t control it (lesson 2) and more importantly what I can control is what I do next (lesson 3).

How I react, how I feel, how I allow myself to feel, what I allow myself to do next is VITAL!

I can drop below the line and live in the victim mentality world, or I can step up, accept it has and now do something to regain my balance, to put myself back on my feet…to confidently step back on the tightrope.

However, you may be thinking, this is all a little reactive? So here is where the smart people live…

It is control to accept that you cannot control things. It is assertive to know this and be confident about it and it is smart to keep your ego in check.

Yes that’s right…I said it…your ego. If you are one of the misguided few that do not believe they have one, that was the little voice in your head who dismissed it with a ‘tut’ just now. Well…go on…say hello to each other.

‘Ego, you, you, ego’. Ok, now we are all acquainted. Who do you have around you to keep your ego in check?

I meet many people in my life, those on a higher path, those on an unknown path, those helping others recognise their path…and those who invest their life helping others achieve their path, their calling can all too often fall into ‘my ego is bigger than me’.

Coaches, facilitators, NLP Practitioners, consultants the list goes on and there are no doubt new names for us, I am just ‘not that hip’. We all fall into this category.

We need to be congruent to who we are and what we do. If you coach, be coached. My coach reminded me recently that both coach and coachee are walking a continual tightrope. One that at times you feel there is no need for a safety net (ego) and one where you always feel that you can step off and continue to grow, continue to take a step into the unknown and continue to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. And it is OK, your coach has you. He is with you, behind you, ahead of you. He walks shoulder to shoulder learning and growing with you.

A coach is only ever as good as those that he coaches.

So walk the rope, allow yourself to fall, falling obliterates fear as the fear of falling or failing is often far worse than the reality and remember as Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones once said…

“It is not how far you fall, but how high you bounce back”

Have an awesome week. If you are on the tightrope on your own don’t allow fear or ego to run your life…

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