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What do you want Arnie to do next?

Online Workshops

What do you want Arnie to do next?

If that is the question, what is the scenario. Let me explain. Imagine that tomorrow morning, you wake up and turn to your partner, you hear a disturbance downstairs. Looking over the banister you see zombies all over your home, there must be 100 zombies at least!

While you and your partner are deliberating who is going to tackle the zombies and working out a plan, big Arnold Schwarzenegger walks in with his kick-ass machine gun and takes out 50 of the 100 zombies! My question to you is…

What do you want Arnie to do next?

Oh…you don’t want to see his certificates and diplomas in Zombie killing! You don’t even want to see testimonials from other people who Arnie successfully obliterated said zombies.

Of course not! You all want Arnie to kill the other 50, because you still have a problem which is 50 zombies and you absolutely know he can help.

Stop telling me you can add value! If you can add value, actually do it! Add value!

That is the SA way. We invest time, effort and experience creating ‘value adding’ workshops where you can come and learn with us for FREE with our online webinars. These are typically between 45 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minute workshops covering a range of topics from marketing strategy and social hacks, cashflow, forecasting & finance tips, sales process & behaviours for more success and general business leadership advice.

We guarantee that you will be able to take away and implement this knowledge and business principles in your business instantly. Value added…we think so!

Three questions and one if not more than one may relate to you.

Are you looking for brilliant, fun business education that is either FREE or very affordable?

Do YOU or anyone one you know, network or are part of a business networking group and you want to bring in outside speakers to ‘raise the game and the roof’ about all things business?

Do you FEEL stuck and need that boost in motivation, ideas and thought-provoking content and you are prepared to invest some of your time to do so?

Then we have your back…Sales Academy ‘Powering Your Business Growth’