In-Person Workshops

Remember them! We’re bringing them back!

In-Person Workshops

Remember them! We’re bringing them back!

For over a decade we have been running workshops, training days, seminars, team building sessions and strategy days. We pride ourselves on being able to vary the content & delivery from Director to Roller Door!

Our reason for this is simple. We believe that transparency and clarity on business direction, focus, targets and results all play a massive part in building a self-motivated, performance-based team who work with you to achieve your goals from boardroom to shopfloor, everybody plays their part.

What are your training needs, now?

How often do you refresh the learning for your team and YOU?

Who supports you and your team with implementation and accountability?

Training thousands of businesses from start-ups through to multi-million-pound organisations in the private, public and third sector from government organisations, large corporates through to SME’s such as hairdressers, restaurants, accountants, trades, therapists and coaches gives us the confidence to support you with your training needs. Because the fundamentals of business remain the same, no matter the nuances or niche!

What subjects do you cover?

All of the above! Finance, Marketing, Sales, Systems and People, together with Business Ownership and Leadership Training.

We have a plethora of content in each of these areas, our aim is around mastery of the subject matter of a period of time, practicing, implementing and reviewing. Our content isn’t based on textbooks from the 1980’s. We use real, purposeful and impactful content in each of the key areas above that actually get results in businesses every day, including our own!

Whether you need support in mastering your cashflow for developing a winning sales process, through to creating marketing plans your team can implement socially or full vision & 5 year strategies…we are in your corner!

How long do the sessions run for?
In terms of timing, we run two sessions with our training. Half day sessions and full day sessions.

Half day sessions run either morning or afternoons. We target the morning sessions to be 0930-1230 and the afternoon sessions to be 1300-1600.

Full day sessions tend to run from 0930-1600 with breaks and lunch built in.

How do you run ‘In-Person’ training sessions in a post covid world?

Great question, and there are two formats effectively driven by location.

On site: At your premises where we adhere and compliment your on-site procedures for social distancing, creating a safe learning space for you and your team, following all current guidelines and procedures.

Off site: Where space doesn’t allow or the preference is to run sessions off site, we liaise with you and your team together with the professional team at the venue we agree on, to create a safe learning space working with all the current guidelines and procedures.

Venue costs and catering are in addition to our pricing however we can negotiate favourable rates with venues where necessary.

Do you do standalone workshops?

In short, no! All our sessions come with a level of accountability to implement, as we firmly believe based in experience, that classroom learning is not the most effective on its own. Our shortest sessions run for a three-month period.

So, whether half day sessions(£400), full day sessions(£800) or full business strategy days(£1495) we support you and your team with a combination of group and one to one support following any training to build a plan to implement changes and hold them accountable to their plan, ensuring with the business owners or senior management team that these remain aligned to the business goals.

What happens at the end of the three months?
Simple, we review and choose where we go next. We have ongoing programmes with ‘no contracts policy’ which means if you are not getting value after the 3 months, at any point, you can step away and cancel your direct debit. If we believe you aren’t doing the work and making the most of the support to get results, then we will ask you to step away and cancel the direct debit. We operate a grown-up business with a straightforward ‘two-way street’ approach and we are focused on the lifetime value of you as a customer.