7 steps to conquer fear

In her book, “Conquer Fear!”, Lisa Jimenez, a professional speaker, lists “The Seven Truths” that can help anyone harness and overcome their fears. I’ve paraphrased them for you here:

Truth #1

Fear is the dominant challenge in your life today.

Truth #2

Fear is a “gift” that was instilled in you as a means of protection, and a way to bring you closer to your “higher power.”

Truth #3

When you run from, or deny your fear, you leave that “gift” unopened.

Truth #4

When your fear of success, or fear of failure is exposed, you break through the control they have over you.

Truth #5

Your belief system is the driving force behind your behaviours and your results.

Truth #6

Your everyday habits broadcast your belief system, your fears, and your unmet needs, loud and clear, for other to “pick up.”

Truth #7

Change your beliefs (the way you think) and you change your behaviours (which are a reflection of the way you feel). Change your behaviours (feelings) and you change your results. Change your results and you change your life. It’s the only way you can…

For us at Sales Academy, we see day to day how our beliefs effect our thinking, our decisions, our outcomes. If you want to change your outcomes, start with changing your beliefs…face the fears and allow yourself to grow.

…and that’s worth thinking about, isn’t it?

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